• How much do the artists charge?
    Each artist has different hourly rates ranging from $100-$150 an hour with a minimum of a $50 dollar deposit. Your tattoo may be priced by the piece if it’s not something too large. Alexis charges $150 dollars an hour with a non-refundable 200 dollar deposit required at the time of booking.
  • What is the shop minimum?
    Our shop minimum is 80 dollars. That is the base price of where our tattoos start and depending on the size, style, location on the body, etc.
  • What are your portrait requirements?
    Alexis also requires a 4 hour minimum commitment for portrait tattoos. The four hour minimum is not about cost, it is about the quality of the art and she needs at least 4 hours to lay the foundation for the design. Portrait tattoos are based off a photograph, therefore a HIGH QUALITY photo is needed and must be submitted and approved prior to booking. A follow up session is also required due to the fact that Alexis has multiple layers to her portraits. Locations of portraits are selective and can be negotiated. Human portraits can be done in black and grey, but Alexis prefers to do animals in color. A portrait can be no smaller than 6 inches. Also please understand that Alexis prefers house pets and does not like doing jungle animals.
  • Can you cover up / rework / add on to my tattoo?
    Cover ups and reworks are on a case by case basis. We will determine if anything can be done after looking at the existing tattoo. Consults are required for both cover-ups and reworks. Alexis will not add onto or finish existing tattoos that she did not do, but one of our other artists may be able to assist you!
  • Can I bring in my own artwork that I, my friend, my kid, etc., did?
    As much as we appreciate the sentiment of this idea, we try to remain a completely custom shop. If its custom art that yourself or someone has created for you we can certainly work with you, however images of existing tattoos or pictures from the internet will be modified so as to remain custom for you. Some artists here may be able to work with you depending on what your reference is, however Alexis only creates tattoos that are 100% her artwork, using reference photos only as ideas or concepts.
  • Can I see a drawing beforehand?
    This varies depending on which artist you are getting tattooed by. Some artists here are willing to get a design prepared in advance for you, however Alexis cannot send out any art beforehand. She only takes one large appointment a day which allows for sufficient time the day of the tattoo to make any modifications at that time if needed.
  • How do I schedule an appointment / consultation?
    The best way is through our email at electriccheetahtattoos@gmail.com or the contact section here on the website. We will respond in a timely manner. To book with Alexis you will want to contact us 2 months in advance. She books at the beginning of each month for the following month (so for example if you want an appt in June, you would want to email May 1).
  • What kind of tattoos do the artists prefer?
    Each artist has their own style which can be viewed by looking at their portfolios. You can always just ask what they like to do or prefer to do. *Alexis however is trying to focus on refining her portfolio after 18 years of tattooing. She prefers portraits, color new school, and stylized realism. If you are interested in being tattooed by her, or any of our artists, please check out our individual instagram links or portfolios for examples of what each artist enjoys doing best. Also, please do not be offended if your idea is not something that we would want or to do or is something that we feel will not translate into a “good tattoo idea.". We want our clients to have the best work possible and we want to enjoy what we are doing and also have your best interest in mind to ensure the best outcome. If you are not sure who would be best for your concept, just email and we can point you in the right direction.