Alexis Kovacs is the owner/operator of Electric Cheetah Tattoos and Permanent Cosmetics LLC, established in 2011. She is an award-winning classic tattoo artist with 20+ years of experience.  Her training also also includes permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing.

After completing her tattoo apprenticeship in 2001, Alexis went on to receive her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Kutztown University in 2003.  She continued tattooing nation wide for the following decade until she settled in Bethlehem PA, where she created Electric Cheetah Tattoos and Permanent Cosmetics LLC.

Her artistic style is a blend of new school and stylized realism, and she prefers to work in color. She specializes in creating artwork in her specific style using her own designs.  Alexis is however accomplished in other styles such as realism, black-and-grey, and cover-ups.

Alexis is also a renowned permanent makeup artist, having obtained her permanent cosmetics certification in 2004. For the past decade, she has partnered with local plastic surgeons to provide clients with postsurgical tattoos, such as areola restoration and camouflaging of scar tissue. She is also one of the first artists to specialize in postsurgical tattoos for transgender individuals.

Alexis travels to tattoo conventions worldwide and has received many awards, including Tattoo of the Day, Best Color Tattoo and Best Portrait Tattoo from. She has also been featured in Ink Slingers magazine, Tattoo Magazine, Tattoo Society Magazine, Ink 24/7 Magazine and several local publications such as the Ilucidator, Business Journal, The Express Times and The Morning Call. In 2012, she was featured on Oxygen Network’s tattoo competition series, “Best Ink,” where she took second place.  This was later followed by her appearance on Paramount Network’s “Ink Master” season 12 “battle of the sexes” and then again on “Ink Master Grudge Match” where she won her specific competition.