Permanent Makeup

Alexis is one of the leading permanent makeup/medical tattooers in the country. Her services include traditional permanent makeup such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and microblading. Her medical tattooing involves scar camouflaging, scalp micropigmentation, areola micropigmentation and gender confirmation tattooing. Alexis also works with several leading reconstructive plastic surgeons doing medical tattooing.

Eyeliner can be done either thick or thin, creating either a dramatic or natural look. A very thin stippling can also be done within the lash line to create a “lash enhancement” look. The stardust eyeliner is done by creating a smokey look using stippling.

Eyebrows are done by creating the shape to the clients liking and then making a powder style fill which is called a soft fill. Hair strokes can be added for a more natural look by combining this with microblading which we refer to as an ombre brow.  The powderbrow gives the effect of a brow that goes light towards the inner brow and then darkens towards the tail. This is done with stippling.

Lip liner is done by following the natural lip line and feathering inward to create definition and a soft blend.

Full lip includes the soft lip lining with a full coverage of the entire lip creating a darker full lip shade

Microblading creates a very natural look and gives the appearance of thin hair strokes throughout the brow. It is not as permanent as the traditional eyebrow tattooing and may require more touch-ups.

Procedures and pricing


LOWER EYELINER – $200 (If you would like both upper and lower eyeliner $450

STARDUST UPPER EYELINER- $350 (if you would like both upper and lower stardust eyeliner $500)

WINGED UPPER EYELINER – $400 (if you would like both lower and winged upper eyeliner $550)







Each procedure includes a free touch up within 6 months of the initial procedure . Any further touch ups are $100.00 each time.

*microblading is NOT PERMANENT and only lasts 6 months to a year. First touch-up is free and is 150 anytime after that, this also applies to ombre brow procedure